Willem de Kooning academy: Diploma design

Designing the diploma series brought some obligations concerning document security with it. The paper has to be secured with a protected watermark, and UV fibers, limiting the choice of paper to a minimum. This is the most limiting precept. Somewhere in the design there had to be a micro-text, a very small printed text witch is not readable when photocopying the papers. Open for content and typeface. The diplomas has to be uniquely numbered for registering, each printed diploma can be checked by name and number in a database. If the name and number do not correspond the papers are not valid. From a design point of view the assignment was fairly open. One "ornament" the client wanted to be referred to in the design was the black squared logo of Willem de Kooning Academy. The square is now centre of the design, accompanied by the most personal part of the diploma, the signature of the graduated. From the square a hyper square (hyper cube) evolves, starting in an unique laser perforated square for each graduate connected to the number for registering the diploma. From here the square grows more complex with each level of degree you earn, from propeadeutic, bachelor to master. The back side of the paper the unique square is accompanied by it's fellow graduates squares.

graphicdesign, creative coding