Creative Coding

Sometimes the use of existing software is not sufficient. The creation of a design takes to long, can be to complex to do by hand, maybe the design is based on (ever changing) variables or it will be interactive, responding to user input or it’s enviroment. Technique becomes part of the design process. Being abble to control the techniques used in a design process gives new possibilities for old and new media.

Printed matter

Printed matter is static, however in the process coding can be used to create complex grids, maps, showing complex data or even a remix of older works. For more advanced products, that make use special features against fraud, each document can be lasaer cut with a unique number and icon.

Digital media

With a few lines of code a large archive of photos can make archive accesable. Some more lines of code and a projector can creat an interactive 3d mapped poetic presentation.


Hook up a few sensors to a microcontroler creates a whole new range of possibilities. Interactive projections, websites controlled by waterflow in a park or logos reacting to sunlight.