it's dangerous - Album artwork and live visuals for FLiNK. graphic design, live visuals

   Videography for IMasq - Xclusive live visuals

   NEXT LEVEL - guerilla arcade. graphic design, music

   Live visuals. live visuals

   Diploma design for Willem de Kooning academy graphic design, creative coding

   Custom video for Love Boat - vollaerszwart

   Identity for Lowriders recordings graphic design, creative coding

   campaign design for International viola Congres 2018 graphic design

   Festival de Bouw graphic design, typography

   Pleinbioscoop Festival decoration typography, creative coding

   Petit Palais Lettering typography

   State of Monc - promotion, live shows and records. graphic design, live visuals, creative coding

   Interface. interactive, live visuals,

   PAPA graphic design, creative coding, installation

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